About Us

Dear Parents

Education defines the being of any existence. Education that imparts quality to thought and action is the real form of education. Mere degrees do not qualify in the making of a human being.

Navjeevan high school, Vadodara, has volunteered to cast the mould for such necessary learning experience that shall remain etched in the persona of the children of Vadodara. At navjeevan/ OXFORD HIGH SCHOOL, Vadodara, the learner oriented pattern's primary focus rests on the belief that teaching reaches its culmination when learning acquires it destined place in the personality of the learner.

The navjeevan/ OXFORD HIGH SCHOOL objective is to bring best out in every child. Here we strive to foster an effort where the child learns by discovery. The school perpetually aims at refining the latent talents in the children while they surge towards better and higher accomplishments. It provides each child the opportunity to explore himself/herself so that he/she can judge his/her ability, temperament and aptitude. It also introduces acquisition of standardized knowledge that leads to education of high quality.

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